As a Real Estate Agent, it is important to use the right keywords when marketing to homeowners. By using the correct keywords, you can reach more potential clients online and generate more leads. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 of the most important keywords that you should be using in your marketing campaigns.

Identify your niche

Before identifying the right keywords, it’s important to consider your real estate niche. While you are identifying the right homeowners to market towards, homeowners are also identifying the right agent to approach for their unique set of concerns and needs. While searching online, you might only have 1 chance to make a strong impression and convincing case for why you are the perfect solution for their existing pains.

There are plenty of angles that you might consider as your main selling point:

  1. You are the agent that helps divorcees sell their jointly owned house and move into a new bachelor’s pad, debt-free and quickly.
  2. You are the agent that helps empty nesters become landlords, or
  3. You are the location expert that knows the ins and outs of a locale
  4. You are the financial guru that helps investors make good savvy decisions for real estate

Picking your selling point early instantly narrows your keyword needs because your advertising strategy follows who you want to market towards.

6 Winning Keyword Groups

  1. Problem-solution keywords: Real estate agents can use problem-solution keywords to attract homeowners who are looking for help with their current situation. These keywords typically include phrases such as “selling jointly owned house after divorce”, “renting or selling empty room”, or “refinancing 5 room flat”. Search terms typically indicate the situation the homeowner is facing.
  2. Generic-services keywords: Think of these keywords as search terms that list your business offerings. Real estate services you offer like “property management”, “landscaping” or “remodelling”.
  3. Investor-specific keywords: If you want to market to real estate investors, you’ll want to use keywords that are related to investment strategy like “fix and flip”, “buy and hold” or “cash flow”.
  4. Local-specific keywords: These keywords are essential for Real Estate Agents because you’ll want to use location keywords like “neighbourhood”, “suburb of (city name)” or “street names”. Homeowners who are searching for Real Estate agents in their specific area will use location keywords such as “Real Estate Agent in XYZ”.
  5. Competitor keywords: These are keywords that your potential clients might use to search for your competitors. By using these keywords, you can also track how you rank against them and improve your SEO.
  6. Brand keywords: These are keywords that include your Real Estate Agency’s name, like “Propnex”, “ERA” or ” Huttons”, and Divisions within the real estate agency, like “Alex Goh Division”, “Jeron Lee Division” and “Bobby Sng Division”.

Grow your advertising and sales effort with a team

SEM strategies and keyword groups can help you reach the homeowners that you are trying to sell to. By using the right keywords, Real Estate Agents can reach more potential clients and generate more leads. But keywords are only half of the equation, you also need attractive copywriting that encourages clicks, a convincing page for the traffic to land on, and a consistently high-quality sales-qualifying process to ensure your sales pipeline stays full. This is why most agents who work with us choose to focus on doing what they do best – relationship building with the prospects. We take care of all the advertising, from creative advertising to automating real-time leads to be sent to their mobile phones.

So if, eventually, you want to spend more time focusing on improving sales, and less time learning and managing your ads, reach out to us and we’ll show you how we can help.