Here’s how you can grant advertisers access to your account so that we can start reviewing your account and managing your ads.

Step 1: Log in

Log into your Business Manager on Meta:

Step 2: Choose account

Go to and select the relevant business account that you want to share.

Step 3: Assign Partner

  1. On the left panel, go to ‘Accounts’ > ‘Ad accounts’ (See left arrow)
  2. Select the relevant ad account (see middle arrow)
  3. Click on ‘Assign partner’ (see right arrow)

Step 4: Select share method

Click on ‘Get Link to Share’ and select the access level by checking the buttons

A window will pop up with some options. Select the permissions for the advertiser.

Step 5: Grant permissions

For Full control (recommended)

  • Manage ad account: Yes

For Partial access:

  • Manage campaigns: Yes
  • View performance: Yes
  • Manage Creative Hub mockups: Yes

    (If you want to change or remove access in the future, you will be able to do so at any time by unchecking those options or removing the partner.)

    Step 6: Share URL

    Copy the URL provided (and you may close the window after) and message/email us the URL.

    We’ll come back to you with a confirmation when the permissions have been successfully shared.

    Step 7: Add us as a Partner

    Under business setting, click on ‘Partners’ (It will be under the ‘Users tab’)

    Click ‘Add’, ‘Give a partner access’ and enter our Business ID: 622536905459935

    After entering our ID, select Imaginative and task access. Give access to ‘Content’, ‘Ads’, and ‘Insights’.

    We’ll come back to you with a confirmation when the permissions have been successfully shared.

    Why do you need to grant access in the first place?

    Meta allows business owners to choose how their own Business Manager and Ad Accounts are managed. Advertisers (like us) need the permission of owners to view, manage, and monitor their ad accounts.

    ‘Full access’ allows us to connect the powerful software that we use to track, save, process and analyse campaign performance (while partial access allows basic advertising activities to be done). We’ll typically request full control to reduce hassle for our clients.