Here’s how you can grant advertisers access to your account so that we can start reviewing your account and managing your ads.

Step 1: Log in

Go to and sign into your Google Ads account

Then select the Google Ads account that you’d like us to have access to. (If you have not set up your Google Ads account before, you’ll be prompted to set up and input your billing info.)

Step 2: Go to Access and Security

Click on ‘Tools and Settings”

Click on “Access and security”

Step 3: Security settings

Click on the ‘Security’ tab

Select ‘Allowed domains’

Add ‘’ to your Allowed domains. If your account is a manager’s account, you may also assign multiple Ad Accounts to us as needed.

Step 4: User

Click on ‘Users’ tab and then the ‘+’ symbol

Add the email provided and select either Standard or Admin as fit 



Why do you need to grant access in the first place?

Google Ads allows business owners or managers to choose how their own Ad Accounts are managed. Advertisers (like us) need the permission of owners to view, manage, and monitor their ad accounts.

‘Admin access’ allows us to connect the powerful software that we use to track, save, process and analyse campaign performance, and to add our team members to the account (while standard access allows basic advertising activities to be done). We’ll typically request admin control to reduce hassle for our clients.