Big global companies work with creative media and marketing companies even if they have capable internal marketing teams and access to a choice of marketing talents. Even regional brands and SMEs with modest marketing spend are engaging creative agencies, freelance creative directors and marketers on a retainer.

If you are a business owner, brand manager, or marketing manager, I want to share with you what I think is the one reason why you should consider externalising some aspects of your digital marketing operation: A media and marketing partner brings Creative Momentum that helps clients move at a higher pace.

What’s hindering teams from making more ads and content?

 The 2 common reasons:

  1. There’s too much work for too few people.
  2. Leaders or management are uncommitted to a long-term marketing goal or budget/campaigns run sporadically.

Every company faces different challenges that result in this situation, but it is still important to recognise the impact this outcome has – in-house marketers don’t produce their best work when they aren’t given time and resources. They don’t have the bandwidth to initiate new ideas they might have. They aren’t given enough chances to make mistakes, learn, grow and develop effective campaigns for the brand. So if they aren’t first dismissed for a lack of corporate accomplishments first, they’ll eventually resign from a lack of personal achievements and opportunities. This is a frustrating reality for any company that’s trying to scale through the use of capital.

Creative Momentum

Working with an external marketing partner is not the magic bullet that will resolve these issues. But it can help. The extra pairs of hands and a commitment to a budget can enable companies to start and market well. In-house marketers that previously had to split their focus between strategic marketing decisions and managing the creative process can now focus on the former, and let partners like us be accountable to them. They are freed up to plan and assess the brand’s direction without the need to manage and consider the creative process or decisions. No more guidance, training, supervising, mistakes and rush work.

And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Beyond the transaction, I think the true value of working with an external creative media and marketing partner like us is the Creative Momentum we will generate right from the first STEP:

  1. Standardised marketing processes
  2. Timely insights and initiatives
  3. Exchange of expertise
  4. Purposeful planning and foresight

Standardised marketing processes

One of the most important benefits of working with a creative media and marketing company like ours is standardisation. This has a two-fold effect: first, in the way that projects and processes are managed; second, in how results are reported and delivered. When working with us:

  1. You’ll get clear and simple processes: When it comes to project management, the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) we set make it easier for clients to start new projects and track progress. We’ll provide creative briefs that make it easy for clients to express their needs and proposals that express the creative direction of the upcoming content. We’ll also identify cost, resource and time commitments in advance so that all the inputs and outputs are clear from the start, avoiding “cost creep” and unexpected delays. We also have timelines that help clients look further and enable campaigns to roll out on schedule.
  2. You’ll have effective routines: Clients receive professional and timely insights. Results from the campaign are routinely compiled, assessed and explained. This provides clients with the ability to see what is and isn’t working – in real time. We work with clients on what they need to do next to continue achieving their goals. If you are engaged with creative agencies or freelancers, consider how much easier it is to work with a company that provides these services in an integrated way.

By establishing these SOPs, we set the pace that the brand needs so that it can outgrow its competitors.

Timely insights and initiatives

We believe that clients like you should always have their finger on the pulse and a good creative media and marketing company should enable the brand to achieve this. We are quick to come up with insights and initiatives for the brand to be relevant because we automate data compilation, modelling, and presentation. This real-time advantage enables us to turn data into actionable insights. Our marketers match these insights to a repository of initiatives that the brand can roll out immediately. This helps our clients to overcome the inertia of having to pour through data and the friction that comes with manual data analysis.

Timely insight is half of it. With a professional production team that’s already on the better end of the learning curve, we are quick to ideate, propose, and execute campaign initiatives for our clients.

Exchange of expertise

The difference between a vendor and a partner is the willingness to share expertise, and working in a partnership that has mutual understanding makes a huge difference.

As a partner, we are enablers. We enable our clients’ brands to increase their productivity, creativity, and effectiveness. Through our briefs and proposals, we spend a great deal of effort in customer education in three areas: content marketing, creative production, and digital marketing. We spend an equally monstrous effort learning about our client’s business and expertise so that we can communicate at the same level. As the knowledge gap decreases, so does friction that slows down the creative momentum of the brand.

Purposeful planning and foresight

As outsiders to the business and industry, we work doubly hard to discover and formulate campaigns that address the needs of their target audience. What we bring to the table is precision. We craft campaigns that allow brands to target specific profiles for necessary objectives, and we track these short-term wins.

We’d map these short-term wins to the brand’s long-term growth, and this is important because observing how ongoing campaigns remain purposeful for the brand in the big picture keeps both sides align. There’ll be little need to keep coming back to the drawing board, reassessment or evaluation because execution, results and impact are always considered.


Brand growth comes at the cost of sustained action and sustaining action needs Creative momentum. This is what creative media and marketing companies provide. If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, then it’s time to consider working with a creative media and marketing company.

If you want to work with us, drop us a friendly “hello” and we’ll work together to propel you forward into a bright future.