What we do

We create creative content and campaigns that enable brands to succeed.

Our Services

We create and distribute content as ads and posts. We focus on creating and marketing short-form content for brands to measurably improve their clarity and presence.

Creative content

We film videos (like commercials, skits, products, and highlight reels), create graphic designs (like web or app design, social media content, and logos), animation (like explainer videos and 2D/3D graphics), and copywriting (like website text, blogs, and articles). We also offer other services like live event coverage for both photos and videos. We provide most content that brands require to succeed on social media.

Digital Marketing

We manage our clients’ social platforms and run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok and Google (Search Ads, including YouTube, and Display Ads). We also offer website development and SEO.

What makes us different?

Our whole team is laser-focused on making sure that the plan we have for our client works. 

Our effective workflow

It starts with our Digital Strategists. We have an excellent system for figuring out what people really want and how they think and applying them to your digital marketing plans. We find where your customers are online and then provide a plan to achieve your business objectives.

Our Digital Marketers execute that plan by exploiting trending opportunities along the way and generating imaginative concepts for our Creatives to develop.

Our Creatives elevate the concepts into masterpieces when they put them into production.

We give real-time Insights

Our proprietary system turns data into insights automatically. We customise the system for each client to organise, evaluate, and predict outcomes for specific insights. Our clients get 24-hour access to real-time reports and their insights.

While many of our agency peers rely on manual data collation, analysis and weekly reporting. We believe in automation – investing in ways to enable our clients to exploit new emerging opportunities.

We enhance work with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our AI stack has unlocked new services for our clients, helped them push boundaries on creatives and receive enhanced proposals from our Executives.

  • Our Strategists furnish proposals with exciting visuals made with AI allowing clients to visualise their projects even before production begins.
  • Our Graphic Designers and Animators work with AI to turn to create graphics assets and turn them into motion graphics and animated videos. Our editors also use machine learning to automate routine and manual work like subtitles, rotoscoping, censoring and replacements.
  • Our Directors and Producers use AI to create visually appealing storyboards and use generated assets in final visuals.
  • Our Digital Marketers use AI to rapidly create different copies and visuals, and then deploy A/B tests for different target marketers.

We simplify, without compromise.

When clients hire us, they do so to work with us. So it’s important to us that clients feel empowered to engage in digital.

Our clients have unique industry insights that help us to change and improve our marketing tactics. The complex, nuanced, and ever-changing nature of digital activities, which hinders participation, is what we try to overcome with simple words and clear choices.

Simple words challenge us to deliver information without jargon and to express ourselves succinctly. Our goal is to provide clients control and confidence, not overwhelm them with gaps in knowledge or urgency.

Clear choices persuade others to act and enable good decisions for the brand. When clients have clear choices, they understand outcomes, and opportunity costs and recognise key metrics from vanity ones.

What is our company culture like?

We are MEAN.

  • Multidisciplinary – We are driven to expand on our individual abilities, passions and curiosity, to deliver higher performance.
  • Efficient – We focus on the essentials and aim to get the most out of our time and resources, and react to changes. That requires open-mindedness for new perspectives, creativity and transparency. Efficiency also requires open and candid communication.
  • Appreciate – We value individual perspectives, recognition and responsibility.
  • Nurture – We grow our team and clients. We encourage an environment that supports initiative-taking and achieving the best results for our clients.