Co-production Service

Confident in handling video shoots yourself? Great!

you shoot, we edit

No more ad hoc video planning, buying expensive gear to shoot and edit, or hiring and training a team of videographers and editors.

Co-production is an innovative way to shoot more videos. You’ll keep our cameras, be taught to use them, and shoot any time. After shooting, we’ll beautify your videos with professional edits.

Skip on hiring, training and purchasing expensive equipment

Get started with cameras and editors


We’ll setup the cameras and lights so that you’re ready to film any day.


We’ll turn your talking points into a creative polished script


We’ll design customised video graphics to suite your brand.


Need a narrator? We got you covered!


We’ll beautify your footage with professional edits.

What are the prices like?

Be rewarded for making Videos

Prices can be as low at $480 per video. per video. We can deliver movie & commercial quality at such competitive prices, because of volume. The more you upgrade your packages, the more value-for-money each video will be.

Co-production Videos

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We can help you to consider what you can get within your budget, or figure out a budget to set based on your project requirements.

We have solutions for all budgets and project sizes.

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Scope of Co-Production

Pick up to 2 types of videos you will mainly create in your office-studio