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Creative momentum

Big global companies work with creative media and marketing companies even if they have capable internal marketing teams and access to a choice of marketing talents. Even regional brands and SMEs with modest marketing spend are engaging creative agencies, freelance...

The Futility of using Estimated social media metrics as KPI targets

Do you forecast social media results? Forecasting results is part of every campaign planning. We see "estimated results" in proposals and media plans all the time. During the planning phase of digital campaigns, many clients and brand owners consider what social media...

Responsive Search Ads have replaced Expanded Text Ads (ETA): What’s new?

I'm sure by now, you have seen this reminder when setting up an Expanded Text Ad (ETA). Now, finally, 30 June 2022 is actually around the corner. The ETA format has served advertisers well since 2016, being the defacto option for ads to be shown across desktop and...

What is the difference between Facebook’s Dark Post/Ads and Boosted Post?

Dark ad A 'dark ad', or as you might find referred to as a 'dark post', is essentially just an advertisement set up and run from Facebook Admanager. Calling it a dark ad is more accurate since as opposed to a post, it does not exist on the page's timeline - as such it...

Branding Strategy Process

We provide and charge our clients for 2 kinds of branding services. The first is a brand strategy development, delivered as a useable written...

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